Packhorse is a boutique Australian investment house focused on alternative asset investments. We specialise in the agribusiness, with a secondary focus on the food and health services sectors. 

Experienced in owning and operating substantial Australian farming enterprises, the Packhorse team have operated some of Australia's largest farming operations including substantial aspects of the world's largest vertically integrated beef supply chain. Packhorse possesses deep agribusiness industry expertise and unique multi-layered relationships with some of Australia's major food producers and supply chain partners. 

Packhorse are true believers in regenerative agriculture and have utilised these principles in all of its agribusiness operations to deliver positive environmental outcomes and sustainable improved yields. 

Referencing the Australian bush roots of our business, the Packhorse team lead from the front and take a hands on approach to business to deliver superior investment outcomes through utilisation of proven operational practices and strategic asset management. 

In addition to managing the portfolio of agricultural investments, Packhorse manages investments in the food processing and health services sectors.

Headquartered in Brisbane Australia, has a 20-year history of identifying, growing and realising value in its investments and is proud of its track record of delivering returns. 


"The packhorse carries the load. The strong, hardworking bronc holding the most valuable supplies on every adventure. The loyal horse that never shies from challenges and surpirsies, always sure footed, good-natured and kind. They are the tireless workhorse that doesn't seek out recognition, but always there to do the job."